Unclog your sink


Easy solutions to unclog your sink

Hair, grease and food residues are just a few of the causes that can make you “dirty your hands”. The chances of you having a problem with sink disassembly at some point in your life are very high. Then you can call Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Λαγονήσι The solutions are so many and easy that we can not include the clogged sink in serious hydraulic failures.

Most of the time, all it takes to break free is a few clever tricks. For these cases you do not need to seek professional help. Try one of the following easy ways for yourself and you will see that after a while the problem will disappear. Even if this is not done, which is not very likely, we have all the solutions you need!

Causes leading to the need to clog your sink

Some materials get stuck in the drain of your sink while some objects fall unintentionally, and some are thrown there even if you have to throw them in the trash.

Either way, the following materials and items are all that are most often associated with challenging a clogged sink. Compare the items you put in the drain on this list and stop dumping them in the sink to avoid future dams.

Grease and oil

Because fat and oil are sticky, they stick to the sides of the pipe. This causes a long-term blockage. Not only does oil and grease prevent water from draining, other food debris gets stuck in the fat and continues to grow the blockage that already exists. For this reason, avoid pouring oil and grease into the sink.


Another reason for a clogged sink comes from your body and specifically your hair! Although it is the most common cause in bathroom sinks, when hair falls into the drain, it gets caught in other materials and does not dissolve over time. When there is also grease, the hair sticks to the oil and forms an even bigger clog.

Salts, dirt and soap

Over time, salts from the water, dirt and soap get stuck to the walls of the drain pipe. These substances inevitably enter the sink, so prevention is not reasonable. However, water filtration removes most metals, which means they need more time to reach problematic quantities. In addition, these substances accumulate on top of other blockages and worsen the existing obstruction.

Rice and pasta

Rice and pasta both swell in water. This means that the longer they sit in the drain of your sink, the larger in volume they become. Food becomes so large that it causes clogging, so avoid dumping these items in the duct. When removing this type of blockage, avoid methods with water as the main ingredient, as it continues to expand carbohydrates.

Small items

Next, you need to be careful about the jewelry you wear when washing dishes, as they sometimes fall into your sink. Rings, small toys and earrings are all common objects. The unique shapes and sizes of these items are not made for your sewer pipe, which means that they stick much easier than some other items.

How to ungloc a sink look like a toy?

Ungloc with the use of baking soda, salt & boiling water

The first step is to create the “magic mix”. Fill a cup of coffee with an equal amount of baking soda and salt. Pour your mixture to disassemble the sink and leave it to act for about 20 minutes. As long as the baking soda and salt take action, you fill the kettle with water, because you will need it in the next step. After 20 minutes, slowly start pouring boiling water into the sink. Each time you pour a little, wait until the sink has drained and emptied, then continue.

The reason we use boiled water instead of cold water is because the problem, in most cases, is caused by food debris. With the “magic mixture” and boiling water, these residues will dissolve immediately.

Ungloc baking soda & white vinegar

As you will understand, baking soda is a great weapon for dealing with a clogged sink. Follow these steps: Pour half a cup of baking soda into the sink. Leave the soda to act for a few minutes and then pour half a cup of white vinegar. Now you have to wait for several hours until the mixture works. Ideally you can do this before going to bed. As soon as you wake up, let plenty of water flow from the tap, to see the results of your effort!

Use a rubber suction cup to ungloc your sinc

This is the simplest way to deal with a clogged sink. All you need is a rubber suction cup. There are different sizes, so you should first make sure that the suction cup is right next to the kitchen sink. Before installing the suction cup, remove any strainers, if any. Place the suction cup on the drain hole and make sure it has good contact. Holding the suction cup by the pole, start raising and lowering it with sharp and fast movements. The suction, caused by this movement in combination with the force of the water, will come off what has clogged the sink.

Use a wire hanger for the ungloc process

The possibility of hiding a steel in your house is very small. Even if you have, you may not know where it works. For this you should look for an easier solution. If the problem is superficial, you can disassemble the sink even with a wire hanger. The first step you need to do is straighten it out. Use pliers to make a makeshift hook on the edge.

With your new tool, try to unplug your kitchen or bathroom sink. If dirt, food debris or hair has been trapped, you will be able to “fish” them with the hook. However, a little care is needed in the movement. Do not push the hook down as this will make the situation worse. If you see that your effort was effective, let some hot water run. Otherwise try another method. If your sink still looks like a mountain, call an evaluated plumber and stop training!

How to avoid sink clogging in the future?

It is true that the best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it. You do not need to be confronted with your clogged sink to take drastic action. At regular intervals you can take care of its cleaning.

Especially the method with baking soda  and white vinegar will take you minimal time. You will surely rejoice in those ten minutes you have devoted to the realization of the importance of proper maintenance.

Now you too can deal with the clogged sink of your kitchen! If it does not come off, you should consult a qualified plumber, because the problem is probably somewhere else!

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