Tinder Launches New Swipe Night Feature 2019

Tinder Launches New Swipe Night Feature 2019

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Tinder’s making news today! It just announced a new feature launching on Sunday, October 6, that low-key sounds pretty cool. It’s called Swipe Night—an interactive show you can opt into on the app that takes you on a first-person apocalyptic journey (perfect for spooky szn, right?). The world is ending, and you’ve gotta make decisions, fast. But unlike in a video game (or, hi, the Netflix flick Bandersnatch), the choices you make in this video series can actually lead you to finding your perf Tinder match. Allow me to explain:

In Swipe Night (which streams like a TV show between 6 p.m. and midnight every Sunday in October), you’re fighting for survival in a world that’s ending, and also, fighting the clock. You’ve gotta answer a series of questions that will determine your fate within seven seconds of the Q popping up on your screen. (Anybody else’s anxiety racing?) Your choices dictate the story AND who you match with, since they’ll be added to and visible on your Tinder profile.

So yes, potential matches will see you did, in fact, stock up on gummy bears instead of canned beans in order to survive the demise of the planet. What of it, Matt? If you wanna get with me, you better choose sweets to ride out the apocalypse, too.



TBH, the Swipe Night interactive videos sounds pretty cool, too. They were directed by Drake’s music video director, Karena Evans, shot in Mexico City, and feature a badass cast: Your own character is played by Shea Gabor, and your “friends” are Angela Wong Carbone and Jordan Christian Hearn.

“I’ve never had to film multiple scenes to a scenario, so that was definitely different for me,” says Gabor in an exclusive interview with Cosmo. “Lots of crying. Lots and lots of it… I’m excited to see how it plays out. I think this will give people an actual icebreaker.”


From left: Shea Gabor, Angela Wong Carbone, Jordan Christian Hearn

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Her co-star, Carbone, agrees. “Wouldn’t it be much more fun to be at brunch and say, ‘We met because we both decided to drive through that ring of fire in Swipe Night!’?”

“Filming it was crazy,” Carbone adds. “We shot mostly overnight and did a ton of stunts (cars on fire, people running rampant in the streets, out of control parties) and navigated insane scenarios. I really felt like the world was ending!”

Whoa, tough work for helping people find love! As Hearn says, “I’ll be livid if I’m not the honorary best man at several hundred weddings that occur once the show premieres.” I mean, sounds like they do deserve at least a nod.

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