Shop Adorable Waterproof Chelsea Boots from Amazon Fashion

Shop Adorable Waterproof Chelsea Boots from Amazon Fashion

I’m here with an extremely important update. There exists a boot that will keep your feet dry and your dignity intact the next time a massive rainstorm decides to drop by and ruin your day. This boot will not cost you a fortune. Nay, it’ll put you out the price of one cocktail at that fancy hotel bar your bougie friend always drags you to.

Allow me to introduce you to this magical piece of footwear:


Waterproof Chelsea Wellington Rain Boots

Rain, rain, come my way, ’cause I’m ready as hell for you.

I spent much of my early adulthood refusing to believe that I needed a special shoe for rainy weather. I’m stubborn, ok! Buying a whole separate item for the few days out of the year when I avoid going outside as much as possible seemed silly. But then I ruined a whole bunch of shoes and found these Chelsea boot gems and now I’m a total convert.

Burberry Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 - Front Row & Show

Harry’s not modeling the exact same pair, but you get the idea.

David M. BenettGetty Images

Remember when you were younger and your mom would tell you to dress for the weather, but you didn’t wanna ruin your outfit so you’d forgo the tights and jacket and end up shivering and feeling completely ridiculous? Or depending on how enterprising you were as a #Young, you would borrow your crush’s sweatshirt, which definitely ruined your look, but it didn’t really matter because it was your crush’s sweatshirt?! Yeah, well, those days are in the past. You’re an adult now and you need some rain boots. Make your mom proud.

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