Sex Toy Brands on Sale

Sex Toy Brands on Sale

Lovehoney | Katie Buckleitner

One of our fave sex toy retailers that carries everything, is having their aptly-titled Big Brand Bonanza, aka the biggest sale of the year on brand name sex toys from now through Monday October 7th at 11:59 p.m. EST. There’s no code needed and discounts apply automatically at checkout, but hurry and make your move now before things sell out!

Here’s a roundup of the best deals from the sale, ranked in order of what we think will fly off shelves fastest (although TBH, it wouldn’t be surprising if each and every one of these items completely sells out before the sale is officially over—I said, this is not a drill, people!!).

1. Womanizer Starlet

Starlet Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator



This teeny-tiny toy is not only legit adorable due to its small size, it’s also got the same powerhouse (and patented!) PleasureAir Technology that one of our editors claimed was so life-changing it actually “ruined all other vibrators” for her. Consider yourself warned.

2. We-Vibe and Tango Anniversary Set

We-Vibe Sync and Tango Anniversary Collection Couple’s Vibrator Set



I personally feel meh about We-Vibe’s eponymous couples’ vibe that paperclips to the outside of your vulva, but I LOVE the rumbly Tango vibe and have been stanning it above all other bullets for years, with one caveat. The magnetic charging dongle that comes when you buy the bullet individually loses its connection after a few months, fails to charge, and thus requires an entire new purchase of the Tango you’ve grown attached to.

The anniversary set solves this problem by including a charging kit exclusive to this set, that nixes the whole annoying magnetic charger dongle problem I have every eight months. Given that individually, a Tango runs for around $80, I for SURE spend at least $160 buying at least two a year, and you get the bonus We-Vibe Sync couples toy, this is a damn good deal. Plus, it’s your only chance to get the Tango in a fun opalescent purple, as you can’t buy that color separately.

3. Lovehoney Desire Panty Vibe

Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire


If you’re looking for a panty vibe at a price that won’t make you gawk, Lovehoney’s Desire line has a remote control vibe that’s packed full of features and on sale for 20 percent off right now. The wireless vibe has eight modes, 12 speeds, is waterproof, and USB rechargeable. The undies also come with satin ties so you can customize your fit more than some other one-size-fits-all remote control vibes.

4. Lelo Mia 2

Mia 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator



Another amazing rumbly bullet, the Lelo Mia 2 also wins point for looking like an unassuming tube of mascara and having a USB charging stick built in (just take the cap off). It’s normally $85, so at $63, this is a major markdown. This deal is especially *chefs kiss* when you consider that Lelo products are almost always excluded from big third-party sex toy retailers when running sitewide promos. Gotta check that fine print, dawg!

5. Lelo Smart Wand

Smart Wand



As far as wand vibrators go, this rechargeable one is pretty impressive. It’s made by Lelo, so off the bat, you know it’s super high quality and rumbly AF (lighter, buzzier vibrators are generally seen as cheaper quality as opposed to deeper rumbles). It’s also curved for easier hand placement that won’t give you carpal tunnel after five minutes, and completely waterproof (which is RARE when it comes to wand vibrators). Oh, and did I mention it’s $50 off?

6. Lovehoney Desire Strapless Dildo Rabbit

Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire


Looking for a strapless strap-on that will provide orgasmic action for you and your partner? This is your perfect product and it’s now $20 off. The toy is made with silicone, features a bendable smaller shaft so the person “wearing” the strap-on can find their comfiest angle and fit, and has bunny ears both partners can feel for maximum stimulation.

7. Lovehoney Desire Luxury Curved G-Spot Vibrator

Desire Luxury Curved G-Spot Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire


Sure, the pronounced curve of this vibrator might look extreme at first, but it’s actually designed that way to make it easier to use. The more dramatic the curve of an internal toy, the easier it is to rock against your vaginal walls for internal exploration. This puppy is also waterproof, rechargeable, and has an 80:80 minute charge-to-play battery life functionality.

8. Lovehoney Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey


You know how when a product is such a great seller, it never goes on sale, because why would it need to, when it’s flying off the shelves? Yeah, no one tell Lovehoney that their highly rated, bestselling rabbit vibrator is on sale rn or the jig is up. This toy has withstood and outlasted the Fifty Shades movies it was originally introduced with, and we should all pray to our higher powers that they never stop making it, because it truly is one of the best rabbit vibes you can get for the price. There’s 36 possible combinations of patterns and speeds, two motors, and it’s waterproof.

9. Lovehoney Bionic Rabbit Cock Ring

Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring



Rechargeable Battery Set



Not only can a cock ring potentially make sex better for your penis-having partner, when you throw in vibration, it can also potentially lead to stronger orgasms for you, too. The bunny ears on this penis ring provide extra reach and stimulation for your clitoris so every thrust is that much more pleasurable. This ring has two speeds, three patterns, and is waterproof. While it’s not conventionally “rechargeable” it does run on one AAA battery (as opposed to those difficult-to-find tiny, circular, watch batteries. If you have a set of rechargeable AA and AAA batts (which, you should, our planet is dying!) it’s basically rechargeable.

10. Lovehoney Rump Anal Training Butt Plug Kit

Rump Workout Butt Plug Training Set



Thinking about trying butt stuff? Don’t even try to get into it without tons of lube and a patient approach to anal training. While “training” might make it sound like a workout, it’s just gradually introducing larger and larger objects into your butt so that your anus can get used to slowly being stretched out and ready for anal play instead of potentially painful.

This butt plug kit is made of smooth silicone, has three gradually larger sizes so you can have variety, and a thick finger loop around the base so you can remove it easily. Remember, when it comes to butt toys, you always want to make sure anything inserted has a flared base or anchor so it doesn’t get sucked up into your rectum.

Okay, that’s it! Shop accordingly.

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