Save the planet by renovating your home


Save the planet by renovating your home

We live on a planet that is being destroyed every day by the human factor. However, the Greeks have managed to take important steps forward and help save it, through recycling and other ecological actions like home renovation.

Why not do it through our home?

It is important to create a healthy environment for us and – especially – for our children.

There is, therefore, nothing better than a complete home renovation, which will not only refresh your mood, but will significantly improve your daily life and put its own… little stone in saving the Earth.

How can this happen? In many different and ecological ways!

Ecological floor

A first choice you can make is to choose to replace the floor of your house with linoleum. It is a floor made of natural material which is made from linseed oil, resin, wood and cork grains and mineral colors, pressed in a single layer on natural jute.

Its positive features are that as a material it is flexible, slow-burning and very durable in everyday use. Thus, it has a long lifespan. This floor is ideal for any interior, as it contains only natural materials and has antibacterial properties.

Use the power of the sun

If you have not already done so, do it now! Replace the traditional water heater with a solar one.

This way you will heat the water you consume using one of the most common energy sources and not using fuel to heat the water. So, you will do good to our planet, but also to your own pocket.

If there is the possibility and the necessary space on the roof of your house, choose to install solar panels, which are an ecological solution for energy efficiency in your home.

Among their advantages is that they have a long life and do not require special maintenance. Their operation is based on the capture of solar energy and its conversion into electricity. That is, your own power is generated and you power any device.

Say “yes” to the thermal insulation

The thermal facade is the most common method for thermal insulation of the facades of your house and acts as a protective filter from the weather. By choosing it you protect your home from water and humidity, which are the main causes of mold.

At the same time, heat loss from the side walls is reduced and you save energy. In this way, your wallet and the planet are saved, as the less energy you consume, the more you help the environment.

Ecological colors

The fastest, easiest and most economical home renovation is painting! So if you want to give a refreshing air to your home, choose to change the colors of its rooms.

To achieve the ideal result, leave the brushes in the hands of experts and choose with their help the most beautiful ecological colors.

Some more “green” renovation solutions:

At the same time, you can put in your room an adjustable thermostat, which reduces energy consumption and program it so that your home is always at a certain temperature.

If among the things you intend to change are the window frames, choose to install new ones with double glazing. This saves energy and money to heat a space, as it reduces heat loss. So you also help save the environment.

Finally, having completed the renovation of your home, choose electrical appliances that are environmentally friendly. This will be good for both the planet and your pocket.

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