New Year’s Eve 2020 Love Horoscopes

New Year's Eve 2020 Love Horoscopes

NBD, but New Year’s Eve is probs *the* most important day of the year for love. Think of it as the start of a new journey, new adventure. Also an acceptable time for excessive PDA with your S.O., hookup, whatever when the clock strikes midnight while “Auld Lang Syne” plays in the background.

It’s a time we pause to appreciate ourselves, our partners, and our friends—also, again, that whole PDA thing—which is why it’s supes important for us all to know our Sun sign’s love ’scope for NYE. Read it below and plan accordingly.


Although you may not be able to express your sentiments to your boo, they are letting you know how they feel about you. Don’t let fear hold you back from telling your S.O. how much you care. Use this opportunity as a chance to speak from the heart—even if it’s scary. Chances are, you’ll be met by bae with open and caring arms.


An acquaintance you’ve overlooked romantically in 2019 may be one you’ve been looking for all year long to fill your heart. Keep the light flirting going all evening to ensure a smooch from them at midnight. Who knows? They could be your new boo in 2020. Start the year off right—with a hot crush to level up your relationship status in the upcoming year.


It’s time you made your relationship official. That’s right, Gemini! You’re taking the leap from being “single” to “in a relationship” on Facebook—LOL, JK, you’re not still on Facebook, but you know what I mean. Still, all your friends and fam will be aware of your relationship status, so be prepared to answer a million questions about your S.O. on NYE. But, hey, your squad is just excited for your news.


Skipping the party and staying in? Hell yes! Spend NYE wrapped up in the sheets with bae while sipping champagne (with your arms linked together). Nothing but you two will exist in this moment. Leave the world on read—it can wait. Enjoy your intimate evening together as you ring in 2020 wrapped up in each other’s loving arms.


Um, so NYE will stir up some major dramz for you. Your date may not be as present as you had hoped for, which will make you act out as a result. Before you decide to start an argument, take a deep breath. Let them know you need them to focus on you. Don’t worry, bb, your date will oblige and apologize for their rude behavior.


It’s been a long time since you’ve had some Bachelor-type romance. A long and overdue dreamy date night is in store for you, complete with dinner for two under the starry sky. Not only that, but you will finally have time to talk with your S.O. about the future of your relationship—a positive chat they will lovingly initiate.


Your love for others is always first on your mind, but you often forget that you are the most important person in your life. Perhaps it’s the third tequila shot on NYE that’s making you realize the greatest love of all is deep within yourself. Regardless of your status—if you’re single or attached—give yourself a lot of appreciation on NYE.


Expect to connect with a hot Tinder date on NYE who will make you feel even flyer than you already do. Pop the bubbly all night, indulge in an amazing 5-star dinner at a restaurant you’ve been longing to try, refuse to sit anywhere that isn’t covered in rose petals—with your new love by your side, you’ll be riding on a romantic high until dawn.


You’re not feeling the love bug this NYE, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. Connect with old friends for an evening filled with laughter—from your home. Even if you wind up staying at home this New Year’s, you will have a blast counting down to 2020 with your besties by your side. Have a low-key evening with pizza and beer.


Prepare yourself for the best NYE of your life! You’ll dance with your boo and be surrounded by your ride-or-dies. An ideal atmosphere for a proposal of sorts, no?! Whether the promise is marriage or a deepening of the commitment in your relationship, you will def feel the love and posi vibes that surround you this New Year’s.


You’re ringing in the New Year with next-level confidence. The reason being is that you’re on a high, having finally taken back your power in relationships. No more sitting in the passenger seat. You’re driving your car down the ~highway of love~. Regardless of whether or not you have a date, you’ll be feeling yourself, even if you’re bringing in 2020 solo.


Sure, you’re trying to hold back your relationship expectations for 2020, but that doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying romance and lovey-dovey sentiments on NYE. You two will be looking googly-eyed at each other all night and sharing kisses between champagne sips—which will make you the envy of the party. Pace yourself before demanding bae get on board with your plans in the New Year.

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