How to Wear the Halter Top Trend in 2020

Um, is the year 2020 or 2000? I ask, because everyone’s walking around like an extra on MTV’s TRL, wearing halter tops. And I’m…kinda not mad at the return of this throwback trend, tbh.

Before you let flashbacks of exposed thongs and jelly shoes from the early aughts haunt you, hear me out: Halter tops are going to be the hero of all of our summer outfits this year, because…

  1. They are ridiculously easy to wear with anything, from mini skirts to jeans and trousers.
  2. If you’re ready to give the off-the-shoulder look a little break, it’s actually great alternative.
    1. Not convinced? These gorge recent sightings of celebs wearing the trend prove the retro look is back and here to stay (well, at least while it’s warm).

      In case you’re wondering, fashionistas and influencers are also taking the shoulder-exposing trend to the streets.

      What I love the most about these tops is that there’s one for every mood.

      Let’s say you’ve got outdoor plans with the fam and you don’t wanna wear anything too revealing. A high-neck halter top is here for you. What if you feel like showing some skin for the heck of it (as you should)? Good news, ‘cuz there are plenty of plunging options too.

      Check ’em alllllllllll out below.

      It’s a halter top haul!

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