How to maintain and clean the sewer?


How to maintain and clean the sewer?

Sewage cleaning, as well as sewer maintenance, is a job that many of us neglect, with the logic that it saves money on sewer care. In fact, professional cleaning – Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη – and regular maintenance can save you from bigger and more costly problems.

Want to know more about the usefulness of cleaning and maintenance, but also about how they are done? The experienced blocking technicians of our platform, informed us about everything we need to know, so that we can avoid damage and malfunctions of the sewer in our building.

Why does the sewer clog?

Cleaning the sewer of an apartment building, a detached house and any building is necessary. With a precautionary check, at least 1-2 times a year, you can avoid more serious damage.

There are some common suspects who are responsible for clogged pipes and drains, most of the time:

  • Food leftovers in the sink
  • Hair in the bathtub and sink
  • Soap and grease in the bathroom
  • Paper in the toilet bowl
  • Broken pipes and building materials
  • Plant and tree roots in the sewer well
  • Pans and sanitary napkins in the basin
  • Baby wipes in the sewer

The above will definitely lead you to the need for sewer maintenance, in a short time. Only an experienced sewer technician will effectively rid you of the problem and offer you useful tips for caring for your sewer.

How do you know you need sewer maintenance?

There are some clear signs that indicate the need for sewer maintenance in your home or business. When you notice such signs, you should call an experienced workshop to take care of the maintenance.

1. The water stagnates in a sink, sink, bathtub and basin. If the water does not drain from the sink or it takes too long to drain, this is a sign that the drain is blocked. Therefore, you need to take care of sewer maintenance before major problems arise.

2. Gargling water sounds from the pipes. If you hear strange noises through the pipes, such as sounds reminiscent of running water, there is probably a problem that needs to be addressed.

3. Unpleasant odour from the ducts. A very common sign, which warns us that the sewer is in poor condition, is the stench. Sewer cleaning is one way, if you want to get rid of the unpleasant odour.

4. Water leakage from the wells but also at home. A leak should never go unnoticed by homeowners. If you suspect that there is a leak from the sewer, immediately check with a professional.

Dealing with the problem directly with professional sewer cleaning is a one-way street for you. We are ready to find the right technician for you in your area, in a few minutes! All you have to do is fill out our form for free to get in touch!

What are the means of cleaning the sewer?

For a simple sewer maintenance, there are ways you can keep hoses clean. However, you should keep in mind that home-made solutions do not work when a problem has already occurred.

Also, sewer cleaning is not recommended to be done with commercial chemicals, as they can cause serious problems in the pipes. Let’s see how you can maintain your sewer in good condition.

1. Drain cleaning with vinegar and hot water

A popular solution for sewer maintenance is to use vinegar and warm water. Pour a cup of white vinegar into the siphon and leave it for about half an hour. Then heat a pot of water and pour it into the duct.

2. Drain cleaning with baking soda and hot water

It is similar to the above method and aims at temporary sewer maintenance. First, pour 3 cups of hot water into the pipe and then 1 cup of baking soda. Complete the cleaning by pouring 2 glasses of hot water into the siphon again.

3. Professional sewer cleaning with water jet

If your sewer has a serious problem with blocking, home-made solutions will hardly help. Professional sewer cleaning of an apartment building – a detached house guarantees the most efficient sewer maintenance for your home and business.

How to clean a sewer with a water jet?

Any experienced unblocking technician can undertake the cleaning of the sewer with pressure blocking machines. The procedure followed is very simple, but should only be done by experienced professionals, for maximum safety and to avoid damage.

Sewer cleaning watering is done by discharging water into the pipes at high pressure. Of course, this is done with the help of a special pressure machine, which can provide the necessary pressure for the water. It will remove any debris from the sewer parts and clean it.

However, great care must be taken in where the gutter is applied for sewer maintenance. If your pipes are old, worn out, or made of low-quality materials, watering may not be an ideal idea for you. Consult an experienced blocking workshop to suggest the best solution for your needs.

How often must you perform sewer maintenance?

If you choose to maintain your sewer in natural ways with home-made solutions, you will need to do it often enough so that the sewer does not clog. In other words, you need to do maintenance and cleaning, at least once a month, to keep it in good condition.

On the other hand, professional sewer cleaning offers more radical results, with longer durability. A sewer maintenance by professionals once or twice a year is a good way to avoid damage to the sewer and to delay the time you will need a blockage.

Why trust a technician of Apofraxeis Argyroupoli for cleaning & sewer maintenance?

The technicians and the blockage technicians of our company, have many years of experience. They have the know-how in work, such as the cleaning of the sewer of any building. Thanks to the modern equipment and the pressure machines they have, they can complete your work, easily and quickly.

Knowing how important the proper functioning of the sewer is is available daily, up to 24 hours a day. They take care of your problem that concerns you, at affordable prices.

If sewer cleaning and sewer maintenance are tasks you need immediately, we have the solution. Submit your work completely free of charge and within a few minutes we will find the right obstruction company in your area, to give you an offer!

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