How to care for your wooden patio and furniture

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How to care for your wooden patio and furniture

Wooden patios and garden furniture are a fantastic idea to decorate your space in a classic style – carpentry. They are timeless, beautiful and fit into the natural environment. That’s why we love them so much. Of course, wood exposed to the weather is even more at risk of decay. Over time, outdoor wood maintenance is essential to keep your furniture in top condition. In order for maintenance to be done properly, there are some factors to consider.

First of all, you should know that natural wood furniture is more sensitive to moisture and weather conditions, compared to industrial wood furniture. Therefore, they need special care in their maintenance to last for many years. Next, you need to know what kind of wood your garden furniture is made of.

This way, you will be able to more easily choose the right varnish to protect the wood. We have gathered for you some easy tips for the maintenance of outdoor wood that you want to know! Let’s see 4 simple tips for outdoor wood maintenance!

1. Furniture storage in winter

The process of preserving outdoor wood starts with the necessary prevention. Wooden furniture needs protection, especially if it is made of solid wood. Especially in spring and summer, we love to relax on the balcony, or in the garden, enjoying the garden furniture. The problem is that wooden furniture should not be exposed all year round.

Humidity, rain, strong winds and all severe weather conditions can damage your wooden furniture. So, as a first tip, we would suggest that you store garden furniture indoors in the winter. This will ensure that they are protected from severe weather. If you do not have space to store them in the house, cover them on the balcony. Use nylon tablecloths and other waterproof fabrics to avoid much of the wear and tear.

If you are having any metal furniture, it is wise to store them away because they could rust and ruin your wooden porch.

2. Cleaning furniture from stains

The wood needs care in its cleaning so as not to lose its gloss or colour. First of all, it is good to clean the stains from the wood as soon as possible, before they dry. This is an important point in the maintenance of outdoor wood, but also indoor. If the stain dries, there is a possibility that the wood will need to be scratched and painted to regain its colour. Especially when we drink our drink, or our drink on the balcony, it is good to have coasters on the table.

It is an efficient way to avoid the creation of liquid stains on your garden table. If you do not manage to create the stain on the wood, you will need to find the best way to clean it. To find useful tips for cleaning your furniture make sure to ask the professionals in Gikas Painting. You will discover that there are some completely natural ways to clean outdoor wood!

3. The right varnishes for wood

There is a wide variety of paints and varnishes for wood to choose what you really need. There are powder varnishes, in liquid form and in spray, matte and glossy and each of them seems to have a different purpose of use. The colourless varnishes in liquid form are suitable for the maintenance of outdoor wood. These are protective varnishes, which we dilute with a little clean water, according to the instructions on the package.

We apply the protective varnishes to the garden furniture with a brush and it is important to apply the entire surface, even under the legs of the furniture. As you can see, the purpose of these varnishes is to protect the wood from moisture, dirt and discolouration. When it comes to outdoor wood maintenance, it is a very safe solution, both for garden furniture and wooden floors.


4. Varnish Maintenance Procedure

If you wish to preserve your patio and furniture on your own, you should be careful. You need to get your supplies.

Step 1: Sanding the wood

Whether you plan to preserve the outdoor wood, or to paint it from the beginning in another shade, you must start by sanding the surfaces. To sand the wood you need sandpaper, or a pulse sander.

The best solution is to start with a small number of sandpaper and continue with a large number to make a nice finish. Indicatively, you can start the work with sandpaper number 80 and continue with number 180.

It is not recommended to avoid this step, if you want to do detailed maintenance of outdoor wood. Sanding smooths rough surfaces so that the varnish stabilizes more easily.

Step 2: Gloss with primer (optional)

It is not necessary to prim the furniture for outdoor wood maintenance. However, the primer helps to close the pores of the wood

Primers are not only used for wooden furniture, but also for all types of wooden surfaces. They are useful for wooden floors, windows and doors.

Step 3: Coat with protective varnish

Protective varnishes for wood are useful to save your garden furniture from moisture, dirt and generally the change of colour and texture. They are transparent and do not affect the colour of the wood, which is why they are the most ideal for outdoor wood maintenance. In addition to protection varnishes for wood, there are also maintenance and protection oils on the market, which help to make the wood waterproof.

There is also a protective wax, which prevents the accumulation of dust on the wood. Depending on the type of wood that your furniture has, choose the right product with the advice of the expert in the store with the varnishes.

We hope to help with the easy maintenance of outdoor wood! If you need help painting and maintaining your wooden furniture in a professional way, Gikas Painting is here. Call us and request to see our work for porches, patios and get offers from professional carpenters to take care of your furniture in the best way!

The experts in carpentry and wooden patios and porches are here for you!

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