Fantasy Sex Toy Designs – Lovehoney Design A Sex Toy Contest 2030

Fantasy Sex Toy Designs - Lovehoney Design A Sex Toy Contest 2030

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own sex toy but lack the production capabilities and capital, do I have great news for you! Sex-toy retailer Lovehoney recently announced their fourth Design A Sex Toy competition, Future Sex 2030.

The contest doesn’t run every year either. Lovehoney usually takes a few years between rounds to make sure the product they design is up to snuff, quality wise, and it takes a while to get it on shelves. So far, there have only been three rounds with three winners, even though the competition has been over ten years in the making. The most popular toy to come from this contest is the Sqweel, an oral sex simulator that features a rotating wheel of tongues. The inventor of this toy has cashed in over $400,000 in royalties—a pretty sweet biznass deal that’s open to winners of this year’s competition as well—along with a $5,000 cash prize.

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator



Entering seems easy AF too. You don’t need a prototype or anything, just a hand drawn sketch and a brief description of your product. The contest ends on February 21st and winners are announced in April 2020.

In honor of their contest, here are some sex toy designs we women would really like to see. Note to Lovehoney, you’ll have to pay for these ideas if you actually want to make them.

1. Chewbacca Dildo

“I’ve always been a huge Star Wars geek ever since A New Hope was released when I was a little girl. My favorite character in the series was always Chewbacca. Ever since I found out about fantasy dildos such as Dragon Dildos, I’ve always hoped someone would design a Chewbacca dildo. Call me a weirdo but I always had a soft spot for Chewie!” —Angela

2. A Wearable Suction Toy to Use During Sex

“I’m really into those suction-y vibrators but they’re always so awkward to use during sex. I’d love to get one that stays in place and isn’t obtrusive enough so that I can still have penetrative sex while using it.” —Morgan*, 26

3. A Wearable Fleshlight That Goes Inside You

“I like the idea of having a fleshlight-like contraption that a man puts around his penis, and then he puts that combo into his partner. It’d be for size queens or men who want to be bigger. A dick enhancer of sorts, kind of like a dildo.” —Ali, 30

4. A Vibrator That Whispers Sweet Nothings Into Your Ear Afterwards

“My love language is words of affirmation so I’d love a toy that recreates the aftercare aspect of sex and compliments you and says sweet things to you after you orgasm.” —Michelle*, 24

5. A Glove That Automatically Finds a Dude’s Prostate

“I’d love a toy that takes the guesswork out of bopping around looking for a guy’s prostate. Bonus points if it buzzes or gets stronger when you’re ‘warmer’ and closer.” —Jane*, 26

*Names have been changed



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