Car Sex Fantasy – Why Is Car Sex So Hot

Car Sex Fantasy - Why Is Car Sex So Hot

Who among us has not, at one point, ungracefully slid into the backseat or over the center console of a motor vehicle for the sake of horniness? Chances are, if you grew up in a non-city, you know exactly what I’m talking about (thank you, suburban sprawl!). And while car sex might’ve been a go-to during your teen years, for some, the fantasy keeps on keepin’ on well into adulthood. In fact, according to new research by using search engine data from SEMRush, over 6,600 Americans google “how to have sex in a car” every month.

Every month! That’s insane! But it totally makes sense, TBH. Sometimes you’re super horny and you have to make do with the situation you’ve been served. And sometimes that situation is the backseat of your car.

Why is car sex such a common fantasy? “I’d say it comes down to two reasons: urgency and risk,” says Tara Struyk, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Kinkly, a sex education site. There’s something about the urgency of wanting to be able to rip your partner’s clothes off in the throes of such intense passion that’s a super common trope in sex scenes for a reason, she explains. It’s preeeeetty hot.

Add in the risk factor of getting caught, and boom, you’ve got yourself a sex fantasy that’s passionate and a bit kinky. All that increased excitement and adrenaline can make sex extra hot, Struyk adds.

As for what real, sex-having humans think about whether or not it’s hot to get it in on in the parking lot?

  • “I am so so into car sex. It reminds me of high school hookups in a not-bad way, the fear of maybe getting caught makes it extra sexy (but the actual risk of maybe getting caught is usually pretty low), and lastly, straddling my guy when he’s sitting in the center of the back seat provides maximum skin-to-clit contact, and I cannot recommend it enough.”—Jen, 22
  • “As an adult human with an apartment, why would I put myself through this on purpose? Might as well have luxe comfortable sex instead of. Cramped. Rushed. Anxiety.”— Lauren, 25
  • “I personally love the idea of having sex in the car. Maybe it’s just the excitement that anyone could see you, and how you have to find that just right position at times but it’s hot to me.”—Elaine*, 26
  • “Car sex sucks big time. There is never enough space. Also one time I got caught and reprimanded by a cop. 0/10, wouldn’t recommend.” — Lexi, 21
  • “I’m not super into the idea of car sex, but do enjoy the thrill of road head or touching while driving. [Editor’s note: please keep safety in mind first and don’t get into an accident!]“—Carrie, 20

    P.S. if you need more tips on how to pull off the Toyota Camry experience of your dreams, we gotchu.

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