18 Expert-Recommended Romantic Sex Positions

18 Expert-Recommended Romantic Sex Positions

We’re here to tell you the single most romantic sex position. Are you ready? It’s…

…whatever you want it to be. That’s because “Romantic sex positions really depend on what ROMANCE means to you,” says Rachel Wright, Sexual Wellness Expert at We-Vibe. “Typically, positions where eye contact can be maintained are key if you want are more ‘romantic’ by our societal norms. Think missionary, vulva on top, and face-to-face spooning

If want to lean hard into those societal norms, that totally works. Those positions are old favorites for a reason. “Nothing beats good old-fashioned missionary. You are connected head-to-toe and looking eye-to-eye for deep soul stirring emotions, words of affection and earth-shattering kisses,” says Taylor Sparks, Erotic Educator and Founder of Organic Loven.

Romance is not only about the positions, but the whole experience. “Think about all the new, romantic ways you might be able to expand it by slowing way down, and focusing your attention on intensifying desire with deliberate touch,” says Elle Chase, CSE, ACS, Certified Sexuality Educator, Body Acceptance and Pleasure Advocate. “Think about ways to linger longer above the shoulders…there are so many places to explore! Softly trace the outer rim of their ear from top curve to lobe. Cradle their face in your hands or run your fingers through their hair and massage their scalp”

“Take this opportunity to use your words and tell them how they make you feel,” says Chase. Everyone likes to know the effect they have on their partner and it can amp up desire and arousal.”

So, light a luxe massage candle, slip into something that makes you feel sexy, fire up your sex playlist, then try one (or all?) of these:

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