10 tips on how not to get scammed by a rental car company

If you have booked your vacation for a Greek island Santorini car rental or anywhere else, you will probably need a car to move around easily and more comfortably. You night have noticed though, that many people get scammed by car rental companies when they deliver the car back.

Today we are going to talk about how to avoid this unfortunate situation by giving you 10 tips on how not to get scammed by a rental car company.


1. Do you need insurance?

First of all you should think about whether you need insurance or not. This is completely on you, as it depends on the amount of time that you rent the car, your driving experience and many more. But before you choose not to add insurance check in with your bank.

Some credit card companies offer insurance for rental cars so you should contact them and talk about the details. This way you will not have to spend extra money for insurance and you will be covered in case of an accident.

Bonus tip is that if the car rental company tries to pin something on you, they will have to deal with your bank rather than yourself.

2. Inspect your vehicle

When you are going to take the car from the company please take the time to look around for any damage. This is the first thing you should do when receiving a rental vehicle.

Check the outside thoroughly for any dents, cracks or scratches. Discolouration is another way that you could be charged with repair fees. After that, move on to the inside of the car. You should check for anything, even at the mats and the ceiling of the car.

Dents, marks, pen marks, food or soda spills, dirt, anything. You should also inspect the vehicle for any forgotten items. If you happen to find any, report them to the company immediately. The last thing you need is you being charged with theft.

This is also valid for the motorcycles that you might rent. Check them before taking them with you as there could be marks and signs of a previous accident.

3. Read the policy of the company

You should already know that, but we thought we could repeat it so that you will not forget it. Always read the policies of car rental companies, including the fine letters. This is one of the most common mistakes people do and they do not realize it until it is too late.

Never sign a contract before reading the details. Search for any traps and hidden costs because you might regret it later on. And believe us, you do not want to go in a trial with a rental company, it will take years.

4. Report them to the company

If you happen to find any discrepancies on the contract, make sure to report it immediately. If the employees will not give you an alternative, you could ask to speak to a person of higher authority.

Report any damage you have found on the vehicle too. If you can, it would be great to document them on a piece of paper or an official document of the company and make sure that an employee signs it for you.

This way you will be covered in case they try to pin any already existing damage on you.

5. Avoid the cleaning fees

This has to do mostly with cars as the motorcycles are easier to clean and they do not have any fabric parts. If you rent a car that is designated for non-smokers always check the ash tray. It could have cigarettes from previous owners and you could be charged with fees for cleaning.


6.Test the extra equipment of the vehicle

If you are getting a helmet, jacket or any other type of extra equipment, you should take a look at it too. If you notice anything weird report it or ask for a new set.

Same goes for the extra equipment of a car like a GPS or a Bluetooth, a radio etc. Look at them carefully and know what you are getting. You can even ask to test them at the rental company to have witnesses that the equipment doesn’t work.

Anyway, if an problem occurs just call them immediately and let them know just to be sure.

7. Report any accidents immediately

At the unfortunate event that you have an accident with your rental vehicle, be sure to let the company know immediately. Never let the other driver go without taking note of their personal details because this would not be in favour of you.

Especially if the accident was caused by the carelessness of the other driver, take a picture of the plates or of the damage just to have evidence for the rental company. In this case, insurance comes in handy too.

8.Obey the driving code

This one is on the top of the 10 tips on how not to get scammed by a rental car company list.

Please do not drive careless just because the vehicle is not your possession. Except from the damage of the car, you also put yourself and other people at risk. Furthermore, the company can use any violation of the driving code to charge you extra money.

9. Check your bank statement

Even after you have already paid for the rental car and eave the vacation spot, make sure to monitor your bank statement for at least 2 weeks. A lot of people were scammed this way.

Companies withdraw money from your account and pin it on an “accident” or another fee that their contract states in fine letters. If you notice any suspicious movement, contact your bank institution immediately.


10.Document everything

Another thing that is high on the 10 tips on how not to get scammed by a rental car company list, is the documentation of every detail of your transaction. From the contract you will sign, the extra documents for the fees, the receipt, the potential fees from the rental of extra equipment etc.

Keep a copy of each document and if you cannot use any printers, just take some pictures with your phone. AS we have already mentioned before, any documents should have the signature of an employee to be legitimate.

Overview of the 10 tips on how not to get scammed by a rental car company

These were the 10 tips on how not to get scammed by a rental car company and we hope that you found them useful for your next trip. Always be careful and inspect your vehicles!

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