10 Tips for Better Sex!


We have said it, we say it and we will continue saying it: The mind is like a parachute, it works only open, and sex is the key that allows it. So, open your eyes, and see below 10 tricks and sex tips (Athens call girls or Athens call girl) for perfect sex, whether you count years together or just a few weeks.

1. USE imagination

Sex should be one of life’s priorities but, sadly, no one cares to emphasize. It’s not the dishwashing, it’s not the dentist who has to schedule an appointment with him during the week. It’s something that always wants (always, though) excitement. It is something that you ought to enjoy with your soul, from the first to the last moment. Take the game on you, if he has forgotten the “rules”. Surprise him with an unpredictable kiss, tell him to turn the car on the right and take the initiative and steal him for an hour!


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If you want to talk (a little bit more, maybe dirty) when you’re in bed, do not depress it! You lose half the joy, if you are concerned about what she/he can think of you. Let them think what they want. It is more fun, so tell him! What you wish! What you want! They will certainly appreciate it and repay the pleasure. Asking what you want, in a clear way makes the whole process between you even more irritating!


4. Toy story

Play with his body, stroke him, kiss him, tell him how much you like what you do together, take a bath with him, massage him, do not let him relax in the usual. Surprise him with what you know he likes in sex but, maybe, he does not ask for it because he fears your reactions. You do not know what effect a silk scarf or a pair of leather cuffs can have…

5. Art and shows

You do not have to appear in front of him naked only when you are getting ready to fall into bed. Top Sex Tip is to get rid of your insecurities and make your bath ritual in front of him (if he will let you finish it!). Prepare your bath, get naked in front of him, shave your legs, put the lotion that you put on every night and let him watch. Men are visual types and appreciate twice the women who understand and satisfy this… weakness.

6. YOUR “HUMBS” ARE A treasure

Most women hate our periphery and buttocks, so we hide them under panic and darkness. Do not do it! Men are “programmed” to love this point of the woman’s body, so light the bedroom with candles to feel comfortable and “enlighten” that part of you that usually was hidden in the black darkness. The soft candle light can “sweeten” your imperfections, not to mention that the climate of the moment, will not allow him to check on your cellulite…

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7. IT IS UP TO you

Men do not love perfect women. Or the perfectly directed erotic scenes. They love those who know themselves and their bodies. They know what they like about sex and how to ask for it. Again, do not think that he will misjudge you if you “play” with yourself, in front of him. It is something that the other understands very well.

sex tips

8. New customs, new times

The “lounge – kitchen – bed” route is dull. And if your relationship has strong bases you will definitely do it over and over again, improvise and change… location. Reserve a hotel room near the beach or even the city centre – close to your job or his- and surprise him for an evening. You can not imagine what it is like to sleep (and not only) “elsewhere” anywhere except your bed and especially if you do not expect it and have it at all in your daily program.

9. Dress as you undress

Yeah, okay, you have been told that there is nothing more sexy than a girl wearing pyjamas, slippers and underwear with Mickey Mouse. It is sexy when happens one in so many. And because you want to have him next to you for long, keep the pyjamas for the evenings that you have to sleep with your mum or cousin. Another sex tip for the nights with him, make a good investment in expensive underwear or in cheap, but surely sexy, nightwear that leave little in the imagination and accessories (suspenders, corsets, garters) that everyone likes even if they tell you that… they care for the character!

10. Non stop

Even when he tells you that he can not, do not listen to him! Especially the weekends that the next morning is not expected to get a barbaric awakening and is not in danger of staying halfway to the job! To let him know in practice that you want him, yes, it might exhaust him, but it gives him the certainty that you want him and that is why you do not let him relax. Find a way to keep him in… alert all night long… figure of speech!

11. BONUS SEX TIP: Feel free

Every woman becomes furious when she thinks her lover might be in bed with her, but imagining another… Overcome it, as fast as you can! If he’s with you, thinking about Giselle (for example), you’re Giselle! Get yourself in the role with him and talk to him about it. Women (Athens call girls or Athens call girl) who do not stick to such details of the male mind are the most desirable. Once you understand it, the next fantasy is you. And you know why; Because you are comfortable with it!

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